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Legal Disclaimer

ATTENTION: The remedial herbal recipes used by FANTEASTIC® are a form of alternative or holistic healing originating from Eastern traditions.  Practitioners of herbal therapy believe that certain herbs, as either "hot" or "cool," can help regulate the internal "qi" or life energy of a person, which then in turn helps to rejuvenate health and beauty.  Use of FANTEASTIC®'s herbal therapy dates as far back as B.C. China.  However, whether or not there is scientific proof, herbal recipes are safe for normal, healthy individuals, absent hyper-sensitivity to particular ingredients, herbs, or allergies.  Please talk to your physician before using FANTEASTIC® or proceeding with any herbal remedy.  The theory behind FANTEASTIC® is not evidenced-based science, but rather folk philosophy and traditional Chinese wisdom.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note that in no way does FANTEASTIC® advocate the use of herbal therapy in treating medical dermatological concerns.  There is no scientific proof of our herbal remedial effects and neither FANTEASTIC® nor any affiliates claim health benefits of our cosmetic products.  The ingredients used in our products are natural, but may cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin.  If you know that your skin tends to react hypersensitivity to new products, then please talk to your dermatologist before trying FANTEASTIC®.  For further questions of concerns, please consult a licensed dermatologist.  Do not use FANTEASTIC® cosmetics if you are pregnant or nursing. FANTEASTIC has not yet been evaluated by the FDA as to the efficacy of its formulas.  FANTEASTIC does not intend to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent diseases nor should it be used to replace professional dermatological treatment.  FANTEASTIC is a beauty skincare line based on traditional Chinese herbal therapy and folk medicine, not science.  As always, it is advisable that you consult with your healthcare provider or dermatologist before commencing any new skincare line.  


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